Because Tonight

A fan asked if we could upload this song, which has been ‘offline’ for a while now. So here you are: music and a trip down memory lane …

Because Tonight (mp3)
Lead Vocals, acoustic guitars: Jesper
Guitars: Patur
Drums: Jacob
Bass, backing vocals: Steffen Kruchow Madsen
Keys: Christian Felter
Backing vocals: Kamilla (can’t recall her last nam)
Recording engineer: Dennis Kasten
Mix/master: Søren Andersen

This was the first song we wrote with Patur. Shortly after he joined the band (which back then was called Amazonair) in 2003, Jesper met up with Patur in his 2 room flat in Noerrebro, Copenhagen, and arranged the shuffle guitars that was the signature of Because Tonight. Since then, we haven’t played a single concert without this song on the set list.

Later that year we recorded the song at Søren Andersens studio The Club, which tragically burned down a couple of years later (the acoustic shuffle guitar on the recording also went up in flames). During the studio session, we realized that we needed an airy female voice to add some texture to the vocal harmonies. Recording engineer Dennis Kasten (The Royal Highness) said he his girlfriend, Kamilla, would be a perfect match for this song. And indeed she was.

On the last day of recording Steffen announced he was leaving the band to concentrate on one of his other projects, The Hors d’Oeuvres. That was a big blow to the band, but fortunately Rasmus showed up for auditions in march 2004.

Because Tonight had some airtime in Germany, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

We hope you enjoy this Passtime Poets/Amazonair evergreen 😉


Three years ago we released a track called Valentine. A somewhat odd track for Passtime Poets featuring Yanne on speak and giggles. Patur even plays the accordion on Valentine :)

The track is available in iTunes, and on, etc. etc.

No news is good news

Band activities have been at a minimum since the beginning of 2011. But we’re still here. We’re currently working in our studio on a song, The Weekend, we wrote on our tour in the Faroe Islands in 2006 (oh how time flies by). With most of the instrumentals in the box, the vocals are up next.